Several months have passed since the first Breitling collection under Georges Kern was released, but discussion on the new line continues. But what has often been left out of these conversations is a historical reference embedded in various lines, in particular reference to Breitling ‘s unique era in aviation history, found in the Navitimer 8 lineup. While the first Navitimer made its debut in 1952, the collection in 2018 makes use of a specific chapter of Breitling ‘s 134 – year history, which solidified the company as an aviation pioneer in preparation for World War II. There are five things you should know about Breitling Huit Aviation Department.

He was in a good position when Willy  buy Breitling watches , then 19, took over the control of the company founded by his grandfather. Breitling was shy about accepting that fact, as chronographs are the main revenue source of the brand and more than 40 different models were available. At that time, since there was only one pusher in the chronograph, it was necessary to reset after starting and stopping the timer. Since Willy knew that this was an inefficient approach, he developed the world’s first two pusher chronograph and applied for a patent in 1934. Two years later, he announced a chronograph specially made for the astronauts with a black dial with luminous figures and needles. You can think of this as the watershed moment for Breitling’s involvement in flight.

In 1938, Willy  replica Breitling watches accepted the success of the 1936 model and founded Huit Aviation Department. As he knew the strict guidelines required for instruments used in military and civilian aircraft, he chose the name to reflect his watch’s function: ‘Huit’ French 8, 8 days It was chosen to reflect the power reserve of onboard watches and other dashboard instruments at that time. As you can imagine, this is the origin of “8” from the 2018 Navitimer collection.

Production within the Huit Aviation Department began soon and was fully focused on making the best quality pilot watches in the world. And they did not simply manufacture the wristwatch, but the young department was developing a full – fledged watch for installation on the dashboard. In fact, by creating the lightest watch that is easiest to install, this department has had the greatest success.

The timing of Breitling was not good. Now that World War II has approached soon, demand for flight instruments that can be trusted to run under unforgiving circumstances has soared. It was not so long ago that Huit Aviation Department signed a contract to equip the legendary fighters of the Royal Air Force in the UK with a chronograph.

In order to ensure that each  fake Breitling chronograph  watches functions as expected, Mr. Willy and his team decided that brand timepiece and instruments should be able to handle all sorts of shocks, vibrations, temperature fluctuations, We conducted a series of tests proving that we can work through magnetic force. During wartime. As you can guess from the current location of the brand in the watch industry, Breitling had been without trouble all the time during the war and is now considered one of the longest lasting brands in the true aviation heritage I will.